Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wondrous Websites

1. America's Test Kitchen
This is my default recipe/product review site. My mom bought me a year's subscription to the site as a late Christmas gift last October. It's due to run out soon, and I can't afford to buy another, so I'll either have to lose the hundred-plus recipes in my virtual cookbook, or print them out (which would probably cost about as much as another subscription, come to think of it), or... ask my parents for an early Christmas present. Hmm.

I am so registering on this site when I get married. They sell amchoor powder. And dried Tien Tsin chiles. And nine varieties of cardamom. One day I will own a spice grinder and I will buy whole spices in bulk from this website and grind them fresh when I need them and then my food will be better than everybody else's the end.


Being a Portland foodie, naturally I'm a Trader Joe's fan. Tasty vittles with an eye for organicity and healthiness, at quite reasonable prices, presented with a goofy sense of humor and unabashed love of food.

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